4-Drawer File Finish: Black, Lock: Manipulation-Proof Comb. Lock

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4-4422-C (black) (w/ 3002 Lock) Finish: Black, Lock: Manipulation-Proof Comb. Lock Features: -Two-position drawer catch allows access to certain drawers at the same time as others remain locked.-Insulation between all drawers makes each and every one a separate insulated container.-Field-replaceable steel panels allow for simple replacement of damaged panels.-Drawer pulls are surface-mounted to allow for extra insulation inside the drawer heads.-Drawer bodies are fully equipped to maintain both letter and legal hanging files; no additional frames are required.-Drawer heads are formed of welded steel and filled with fireproof gypsum insulation.-Drawer suspensions are maintenance-free and guaranteed for life.-Standard drawer locks provide general locking of all drawers through key locks.-Optional UL-Listed manipulation-proof combination lock with special high-security locking devices furnished in lieu of standard drawer catches on the side of drawers.-Optional UL-Listed electronic lock features an electronic lock’s master code, such that you’ll be able to easily regulate who has access by adding, deleting, or changing up to eight different user codes; file locks automatically each and every time the drawer with the electronic lock is closed; six-button combination opens the lock in five seconds or less; one million imaginable combinations make it virtually unpickable.-UL Class 350 1-hour fire protection insulated records container.-UL affect rated to withstand damage after falling up to 30 feet.-UL rated to keep from exploding at temperatures up to 2000° F.-Designed to prevent water damage resulting from sprinklers and fire hoses..-UL high security lock resists unauthorized access. Color/Finish: -Finish is both environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant, providing an entire life quality appearance. Dimensions: -Fireproof insulation is 100% gypsum, reinforced by a 1” x 2” lattice made of 14-gauge, galvanized welded-steel wire, providing complete peace of mind from fire, affect or explosion.-Drawer: 10.75” H x 38.91” W


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