Hausmann Mobile Therapy Station Price: $1,329.23 (as of 30/09/2020 12:27 PST- Details)


From room to room mobile therapy has never been so easy and organized. This product is designed for use by physical or occupational therapists and makes daily remedy more efficient. The top laminate surface measures 36″W x 18″D with a 3mm PVC edging on all exposed edges. It features five high-have an effect on polystyrene drawers have 18″W interior and rounded corners. The oak laminate door is 18″W with lock and self-closing with Euro hinges. Almond-coated pegboard with 11 safety hooks incorporates storage of Hugger Weights at the same time as the hooks on the side of the cart are designed to store 10 dumbbells. Mobile Therapy Station with accessories includes two sets of five vinyl dumbbells
This listing is Mobile Therapy Station
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Constructed of heavy duty and maintenance-free laminated surface on all cabinet exteriors and interiors
The grab-bar care for and durable 2″ casters reinforce mobile use and functionality
This product features built-in storage for optional weight bars and to keep your station organized throughout each and every use


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