Waddell Recessed Wall Display Case 72″ x 48″

Amazon.com Price: $3,151.48 (as of 01/08/2021 14:08 PST- Details)

Constructed with an anodized aluminum frame, lockable tempered glass doors and your choice of a laminate or cork backing


This recessed wall display case will put your school or organization’s awards and accomplishments on beautiful display. Its builtin design provides maximum security without taking up an excessive amount of space to your building’s hallways. Easiest of all, it gives off an striking look to be able to truly blow their own horns its contentsThis sleek display case is made with an anodized aluminum frame and lockable sliding tempered glass doors with groundin finger pulls. The back of the case can also be set in either laminate or tackable cork board to fit your needs.Comes with steel standards, brackets and 4 12” deep halflength shelves. Simple installation. 14406-CK-BZ


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