ECHOGEAR Universal Large TV Stand – Height Adjustable Base for TVs Up to 77″ – Wobble-Free Replacement Stand Works w/Any TV Including Vizio, TCL, Samsung & More – Flat Design Compatible w/Soundbars

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Ready to upgrade your TV stand to something a little more stable? This universal stand works with TVs up to 77″ and can support 100lbs.
Place your big TV where you want it. This stand is a great option if you need to fit a big TV on narrow furniture or in the corner. It’s UL listed and ready to safely hold your screen.
Height adjustable up to 8.5″ to fit your big TV and a soundbar. We even threw in some rubber pads to prevent vibration & give you better sound.


Solid. Sturdy. Ready to party. In a world where TVs just keep getting bigger and the stand that comes in the box just doesn’t get the job done, entertainment setups all over were searching high and low for a hero. Enter: The ECHOGEAR tabletop TV stand! (We actually hope you read that in your best movie preview guy voice.) Weighing in at 10+ lbs, this solid steel stand is seriously sturdy and ready for action. And by action, we mean holding most 49-77″ TVs weighing up to 100 lbs. Time for a raise. They’re not just regular feet. They’re cool feet that offer up to 8.5″ of height adjustment for optimal viewing no matter where you’re watching from. Bonus: These feet are flat on top, providing prime real estate for your AV components. specifically, your soundbar. Included, optional pads reduce vibration, meaning you get clear, crisp sound so you’ll be able to get a buzz from the suds… not your setup. Wink, wink. No slippy, slippy. Multi-tasking? Oh, it’s a real thing. And it’s a real thing that that this stand’s rubber foot pads are real good at. First of all, they prevent slipping, keeping your TV right where you put it. Second, They’re going to protect your media furniture from scuffs and scratches. We know you’ve gotta’ keep your Ikea furniture lookin’ posh! (Ish!) Chicken feet are for the birds. You’ve got a big, beautiful TV. Don’t salt its game with an embarrassing, wimpy pair of chicken feet. Give it the style and improve it deserves! Our heavy-duty, powder-coated steel feet don’t seem to be just thicc and strong, they look good too. They won’t detract from your sleek, high-end AV gear – oh no. They’re going to pull the whole look together like Cousin Eddie’s dickie on Christmas Day.
You know what they say: Big feet, big… TVs: Solid, tip-resistant, steel stand design supports 49-77″ TVs weighing up to 100 lbs.
Offering up to 8.5″ of height adjustment, the top of these feet are flat-surfaced and perfect for placing AV components such as soundbars or gaming systems directly under your TV. (Hey! It’s almost like we did it on purpose!)
Anti-slip pads prevent unwanted sliding and damage to your media funiture. Kinda’ like those anti-slip socks with the grippies on the bottom. Yeah – understand that those? Those were pretty sweet.
You bring the screwdriver, we’ll cover the rest: We’ve included all the hardware you’ll be able to need to attach these bad boys to your TV. It will be standing on it’s own two feet in no time. (Aww, they grow up so fast!)
Premium, powder-coat finish ensures these feet will look slick alongside your TV and high-end AV gear relatively than sticking out like a sore thumb. Err… toe. ‘Cuz they’re feet – get it?
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